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Holy Mackerel (Holy Lox?)! My first bagel pop-up, 8/12/17 @ Spokesman

Hey friends! I'm back from my desert adventures and have so many things I want to tell you about desert pools, hot springs, Meow Wolf, Larry McMurtry, desert bagels... but I'm keeping this short!

Exciting news! My first bagel pop-up is this Saturday at Spokesman!

Yes, Friday afternoon I'll be kneading and rolling dough into about 170 bagels, finding a way to fit them all in my fridge, and waking up at the crack of dawn to boil and bake 'em. I'm excited and terrified (but mainly excited!). For the local folks who have been keeping up with my existentialist, hypersensitive bagel baking adventures, I'd love to see you Saturday morning! The pop-up's gonna start at 9am 'til they sell out (and I don't know when that's gonna happen, but I have a hunch it WILL HAPPEN?).

Anyway, the Facebook Event can be found here! BIG BIG BIG thanks to Spokesman Coffee- they're a recently opened coffeeshop and bar down at The Yard on St. Elmo here in Austin. They're mega cool, make great coffee, have a killer vibe... uhhhh THEY ALSO HAVE ROSÉ ON TAP (I mean, 9am is not rosé time, but hey, a late night booze and bagels pop-up COULD happen...?).



Hi, I'm Jo.  I live in Marfa, and seem to be fixated on trying to master baking a perfect New York bagel.  In the west Texas desert.  Yep. More about me.

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